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What Animals Live in The Grand Canyon?

Bird flying at Grand Canyon

See everything there is to see at the Grand Canyon. Along with the extensive, sweeping views and dramatic landscapes, you can see plenty of wildlife at the Grand Canyon that you might not easily find anywhere else in the country. It is among the hottest birding spots in the Western US. Spot rare Grand Canyon animals like Kaibab squirrels or see plenty of elk in their natural habitat. Because the Grand Canyon is so big and far away from cities, you’re much more likely to see your favorite Southwestern animals adventuring around the landscape. 

At Buck Wild Hummer Tours, we want our guests to see it all, from the dramatic cliffs of the canyon to exotic, one-of-a-kind flora to all sorts of mammals, birds, and reptiles. Keep reading to see what you might catch a glimpse of on one of our tours.

Mammals in the Grand Canyon

According to the National Park Service,  91 species of mammals live across the Grand Canyon—even more mammals than in Yellowstone National Park! One of the favorite animals of people visiting the Grand Canyon is Abert’s squirrel, recognizable for its very tall, tufted ears. You’ll also see bighorn sheep weighing over 300 pounds, Wapiti elk across the Grand Canyon, and mule deers with their iconic large ears. If you’re vigilant, you might even see a ringtail cat—these Grand Canyon animals are the state mammal in Arizona, but they blend into the scenery well and are rarely seen. Spot Grand Canyon antelopes, mountain lions, and dozens of other animals in the Grand Canyon area.

Many of the Grand Canyon’s mammalian wildlife is nocturnal, so if you’re coming for the wildlife photography moments, bring your night vision. There are over 22 bat species, and you might see them darting across the night sky around twilight.

Birds in the Grand Canyon

Do you love bird-watching and want to cross several species off your list? There’s no better place than the Grand Canyon. Not only is there plenty of visibility, but the region has many different ecosystems that attract many different birds. Grand Canyon National Park even publishes a regional checklist of Grand Canyon animals for bird watchers so you can find them throughout the seasons. 

The easiest to spot are birds of prey wheeling through the sky. You’ll have a chance to see California condors, which can have a nearly ten-foot wingspan, vultures, falcons, and more. Find golden eagles along the dry, desert-like trails, or watch for bald eagles near the Colorado River. In the evenings, the owls come alert to start hunting. If you’re fast, you’ll also see the peregrine falcon zooming around the cliffs.

Reptiles and Amphibians in the Grand Canyon

While touring the canyon, keep your eyes peeled for around 48 different species of reptiles and ten different amphibians (toads, frogs, and salamanders). While these animals in the Grand Canyon blend in, they’re worth looking for when you want an exciting photograph or enjoy seeing complex ecosystems’ details. See tadpoles around the edges of local springs and streams, and find plenty of reptiles across the forests, river land, and cliffs. However, it’s important to be careful when you spot a reptile. Six different types of venomous rattlesnakes blend in well with the landscape. Watch them and photograph them from a healthy distance. 

In the deserts along the western edge of the Grand Canyon, you might even see a two-foot-long Gila monster, a slow (but venomous) reptile. Gila monsters are one of the only two venomous lizards in the world, the other being bearded lizards.

Discover the Diverse Wildlife of The Grand Canyon with Buck Wild Hummer Tours

Looking for an adventure full of animals in the Grand Canyon? Come tour the Grand Canyon and spot plenty of wildlife around every corner. Buck Wild Hummer Tours takes visitors around the river, desert-scapes, forests, and wildest parts of the canyon. Contact us today to learn more or to book a tour.


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