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Buck Wild Hummer Tours Covid-19 Response Message


“Humvees” first debuted in 1985 with US soldiers referring to them as “Jeeps on steroids”. The superbly versatile vehicle served as troop carriers, command centers and ambulances. Buck Wild has taken a fleet of former military Humvees and customized them to provide the best tour experience the Grand Canyon has to offer. We are the best option to book a Grand Canyon Hummer Tour. You can also Contact Us to book your tour today!

Each Hummer Includes:

  • Forward-facing, theatre style seating
  • State-of-the-art audio system for guided narration
  • Open-air experience in warmer months
  • Enclosed, climate controlled experience in the cooler months
  • Complimentary blankets provided
  • Car and booster seats available upon request
Contact Us

Buck Wild Grand Canyon Terminal, 469 State Route 64, Suite A

Grand Canyon, AZ, 86023

Buck Wild Death Valley Terminal; The Inn at Death Valley, California 190, Death Valley, CA