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Fun Facts About the Grand Canyon

a canyon with a mountain in the background

The Grand Canyon is not just a visually stunning landmark. It is a marvel with interesting facts about Arizona. For instance, the Canyon is the world’s oldest. How old is the Grand Canyon? Widely accepted knowledge reports that the Canyon began forming 6 million years ago.

Even more interesting, recent reports reveal that this Canyon could have started forming 70 million years ago. In addition to the age, there are many Grand Canyon facts you could have barely heard. Buck Wild Hummer Tours has listed the most amazing.




A Geological Marvel in the Grand Canyon

Without a doubt, the Grand Canyon is the US’s most fascinating geological marvel. It is a colossal masterpiece of nature, measuring 18 miles wide and 277 miles long.

Beyond size, climate is another amazing Grand Canyon fact you may not think about. The Canyon has distinct microclimates within it. For instance, the Bright Angel Ranger Station is the Canyon’s wettest place.

On the contrary, the Phantom Ranch, which is 8 miles away from the Bright Angel Ranger Station, is the driest. So, weather patterns can change quickly as you move around this Canyon.

Besides size and climate, the Grand Canyon presents an anomaly known as the Great Unconformity. This geological feature is characterized by 250 million-year-old rocks lying back to back with 1.2 billion-year-old stones. The rock formation has a considerable gap of 950 million years of rocks missing.

All of these unique features are part of the military-grade hummer tours with maximum-visibility seating we offer at Buck Wild Hummer Tours.

Diverse Wildlife in the Grand Canyon

Other significant facts about the Grand Canyon: It has been home to several wildlife species for billions of years. Archaeologists have found animal fossils in this canyon dating back 1.2 billion years. These uncovered fossils are a testament to the Grand Canyon, which has supported life for many years.

Even now, the Grand Canyon is home to many wildlife species. Some of the most common animals you’d spot during your tour include:

  • Over 442 bird species. The Grand Canyon is home to many attractive birds. Some of the ones you’d spot during your tour include the bald eagle and the peregrine falcon.
  • 91 species of mammals. Apart from birds, the Grand Canyon hosts several mammals. The most notable include deer, elks, and the mountain lion.
  • 48 species of reptiles. Reptiles like rattlesnakes and collared lizards are also residents in this Canyon.

Besides the mentioned animals, the Grand Canyon is home to multiple species of insects like butterflies. During your tour, you might spot rare amphibians like the red-spotted toad and the canyon tree frog.

Native American Cultural Heritage in the Grand Canyon

Heritage is another thing that ranks at the top of Grand Canyon facts. Unlike most canyons, the Grand Canyon is home to over 11 indigenous tribes. These tribes regard the Grand Canyon as an essential cornerstone of their cultural identity.

The indigenous tribes that consider the Grand Canyon their home include the Havasupai, Hopi, Hualapai, and Navajo Nation. The Pueblo of Zuni, Palute, and Yavapai-Apache also link their origin to the Grand Canyon.

For these tribes, the Grand Canyon is not merely a geological formation. It is a living testament to their ancestral roots and spiritual beliefs. For instance, the Hopi tribe believes that it is their forefathers who built the Grand Canyon.

When you tour with Buck Wild Hummer Tours, you can rest assured that our routes and sights respect the indigenous and sensitive areas across the Southern Rim.

Explore the Grand Canyon with Buck Wild Hummer Tours

There are many facts about the Grand Canyon to uncover. From little-known trails leading to the Canyon’s depths to rare wildlife, you can easily overlook some great marvels if you have limited knowledge of the Canyon.

At Buck World Hammer Tours, we know the Grand Canyon inside out. This knowledge enables us to help travelers uncover even the most hidden wonders. Besides the knowledge, we have off-road vehicles for ease of transportation.

Book your tour now and discover more facts about the Grand Canyon.

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