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Grand Canyon at Sunset – A memory that will last forever

a canyon with a mountain in the background

Sunsets in the American Southwest are infamous to begin with and when you add in the Grand Canyon, that magical hour becomes a spiritual experience for many.

The naturally stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon is a sight to behold any time of day, but it truly comes to life during sunrise and sunset. Joining a guided tour allows you to take advantage of local experts who know the area. Our guides at Buck Wild Hummer Tours know all the best places for amazing views and jaw-dropping photo opportunities, not only because they have studied the Grand Canyon, but also because it is their neighborhood. Keep reading to learn more!

Grand Canyon: Sunrise or Sunset?

Sunrise and sunset are both captivating times to view the Grand Canyon. Watching the canyon go from being shrouded in darkness to welcoming those first rays of light against the colorful rocks is breathtaking. However, the Grand Canyon at sunset is a truly spectacular event. The play of light and shadows against the canyon makes for beautiful photographs, and the show the sky puts on will take your breath away.

If you can visit the Grand Canyon at sunrise and sunset, both are stunning, but if you can only choose one, we recommend sunset.

When is Sunset Over the Grand Canyon?

Witnessing a beautiful sunset over the Grand Canyon takes some planning. There are many websites and apps that have up-to-date information on what time the sun sets on any given day. The Grand Canyon sunset times listed define the exact time the sun drops behind the horizon, however the half hour before and half hour after the listed sunset time is known as the “magic hour”, when lights and shadows from the Southwestern sun animate the canyon walls and landscape. It’s not uncommon to see the Grand Canyon walls turn red, orange, yellow, blue and purple all in one hour!

Here are some general times you can expect sunrise and sunset throughout the year (these times may vary depending on the time of the month; be sure to confirm the correct sunset times before your visit):

The Grand Canyon is one of seven natural wonders of the world but the Grand Canyon at sunset is truly one of a kind!

  • January: Sunrise 7:30 am, sunset 5:30 pm
  • February: Sunrise 7:20 am, sunset 6:00 pm
  • March: Sunrise 6:45 am, sunset 6:30 pm
  • April: Sunrise 6:05 am, sunset 6:55 pm
  • May: Sunrise 5:30 am, sunset 7:20 pm
  • June: Sunrise 5:10 am, sunset 7:45 pm
  • July: Sunrise 5:20 am, sunset 7:45 pm
  • August: Sunrise 5:40 am, sunset 7:25 pm
  • September: Sunrise 6:05 am, sunset 6:45 pm
  • October: Sunrise 6:30 am, sunset 5:55 pm
  • November: Sunrise 7:00 am, sunset 5:25 pm
  • December: Sunrise 7:30 am, sunset 5:15 pm

Best Spots to Watch the Sunset at the Grand Canyon 

There are countless, wonderful places along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to watch the sunset. The most popular spot is Hopi Point with perfect views as the sun disappears behind the canyon. With that notoriety, of course, comes crowds so we suggest exploring some of the other beautiful viewpoints including Mojave Point, Pima Point, Yaki Point, Lipan Point and Desert View. At Buck Wild Hummer Tours, our favorite place to watch the sunset is Moran Point with full views to the east and west, along with views all the way down to the river. Moran Point is off the beaten path which means smaller crowds and tranquil sunsets.

How to Reach the Best Panoramic Viewpoints

Most viewpoints can be accessed via the visitor center and by taking a shuttle bus but where is the fun in that? Trust your once-in-a-lifetime sunset experience and family photo opportunities to the pros at Buck Wild, where we have spent over 50 years discovering the best viewpoints the Grand Canyon has to offer.

The Signature Sunset Hummer Grand Canyon Tour

Buck Wild Hummer Tours offer the best way to experience the breathtaking Grand Canyon sunset. Over the course of two hours, our Signature Sunset Tour takes you to the most stunning spots to watch the sunset. Ride in our custom Hummer that seats up to 13, and along the way, keep your eyes out for local wildlife, learn more about the Grand Canyon, and take spectacular photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Let our guides do the driving so you can focus on the beauty and adventure around you.

The Signature Sunset Grand Canyon Private Tour

Choose your own adventure and experience the Grand Canyon exactly how you want it with one of our expert tour guides. We do private tours for anywhere from 1-13 people so whether you’re a couple celebrating your honeymoon or anniversary, a small family on a road trip, a large group on a family reunion, etc….there’s no better way to experience the best sunsets on the planet!

Grand Kingdom Helicopter and Hummer Combo Tour

For the very peak of adventure, combine your Sunset Hummer Tour with a view from above. Join us for a birds-eye view of the Grand Canyon, by helicopter, and experience just how incredibly huge the Grand Canyon is.

Find Your Grand Canyon Adventure with Buck Wild Hummer Tours!

Don’t just take our word for it, come see what millions of people say is one of the most incredible, jaw-dropping experiences on the planet. Join us for an adventure in the American Southwest. We know all the secret spots and our knowledgeable, expert guides will ensure you have an amazing experience while you sit back, relax and let us do the driving. We have tours for everybody and if you would like to also see the Grand Canyon from the air, we do that too! Be sure to check out our helicopter and airplane combo tours for the ultimate Grand Canyon sightseeing experience!

Contact us today to plan your Grand Canyon tour with Buck Wild Hummer Tours!

Image Credit: ventdusud / ShutterStock