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Best Places to Watch the Grand Canyon Sunset

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Here in the American Southwest, our sunsets are famous for being breathtakingly beautiful – but even the most vibrant of evening skies simply can’t compare to a Grand Canyon sunset.

If you’ve ever witnessed the sun setting over the majestic Grand Canyon, then you know that it’s an awe-inspiring experience that’s nearly impossible to put into words. From the sky’s rich colors to the incredible landscape below, you’re truly surrounded by some of nature’s most impressive work.

Watching the sunset at the Grand Canyon is an experience everyone should have at least once, though it does require just a bit of planning on your part. You’ll need to time your visit properly, and of course, find a fantastic viewpoint.

At Buck Wild Hummer Tours, our entire business revolves around making sure that our guests get to experience the best views of this iconic natural wonder. So, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about where to go to watch the sunset at the Grand Canyon. Based on our years of experience (and countless sunrises and sunsets), here’s our list of the best places to watch the Grand Canyon sunset.


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What’s the Best Place to Watch the Grand Canyon Sunset?

In the words of the National Park Service, “There is no one best place for watching sunrise or sunset, just good places, and better places.” So, here’s a list of all our favorite “good and better” (and we would even venture to say, the best) places to watch the sunset over the Grand Canyon.

Where to watch the sunset at the South Rim

The South Rim hosts the large majority of canyon visitors, and it’s also the most easily accessible destination within the park. There are an array of amenities and viewpoints at the South Rim and more than a few fantastic scenic sunset spots.

Here are a few of the best places to watch the sunset at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon:

  • Mather Point: Mather Point is conveniently close to Grand Canyon Village, making it one of the most popular spots for sunset sightseers. It offers a stunning vantage point for the sunset, but you may want to arrive a bit early to beat the crowds.
  • Mohave and Pima Points: Along Hermit Road, just west of the Grand Canyon Village, you’ll find Mohave Point and Pima Point. Both are excellent options for sunset views, boasting a beautiful peek at the Colorado River below. They’re also less crowded than Hopi Point, another well-known viewpoint on Hermit Road.
  • Lipan Point: Head east of the Grand Canyon Village on Desert View Drive, and you’ll come to Lipan Point. Here, the setting sun puts on an impressive shadow show to complement the colorful skies.
  • Yavapai Point: This is another spot along Desert View Drive, and it’s particularly easy to get to. Keep in mind that the increased accessibility often translates into larger crowds, so plan accordingly.

Where to watch the sunset at the North Rim

The North Rim may only be open during a limited time frame each year, and it’s definitely a more remote and rugged location. But if you’re hoping to see a wilder side of the canyon – and skip the crowds all together – the North Rim can be the perfect choice.

Here are our picks for the best places to see the sunset at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon:

  • The patio of the Grand Canyon Lodge
  • Bright Angel Point
  • Cape Royal

How to find the best views of the Grand Canyon sunset

Now, you know some of the top places to see the sunset at the Grand Canyon – but we have another (not-so-secret) secret to share.

Buck Wild Hummer Tours takes all of the guesswork out of your Grand Canyon visit, making it easy to make the most of your trip when you book one of our professional tours. Our Signature Sunset Hummer Grand Canyon Tour is among our most popular, inviting guests to sit back, relax, and soak up the magnificent sunset views. It’s truly the best sunset Grand Canyon experience out there, whether you’re visiting the park for the first or fifteenth time.


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Experience a Grand Canyon Sunset with Buck Wild Hummer Tours

From sunrise to sunset, there’s no question that the Grand Canyon is a sight unlike any other. And when you book with Buck Wild Hummer Tours, you can be confident that you’ll see the canyon in all its natural wonder.

Ultimately, the only way to grasp the unbelievable beauty of the canyon is to see it for yourself – and Buck Wild Hummer Tours will make sure you’ll have the best seat in the house. Browse our full selection of Grand Canyon tours and book yours online today!

Image Source: AZCat / GettyImages